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Why T Lock Roofing Shingles just can’t cut itT Lock Roofing Shingles

Attention: homeowners T Lock Roofing Shingles are no longer available and no longer manufactured. Back in the late 60’s the T-Lock Shingles were widely use and applied to a vast amount of homes in the Denver metro area. At that time it was concerned an up-grade to use them. Now after time use they have become a discontinued roofing product system. T-Lock product is no longer available and no longer manufactured because of this T-Lock can’t be spot repaired. Since T Lock Roofing Shingles can’t be repaired, we have been helping homeowners obtain new roofs through their insurance companies. T-Lock Shingles roofs have a distinct look and can be identified by their individual “T” shaped shingle as shown in the pictures and diagrams.


As one Insurance adjuster, explained that “normally a roof would be repaired.  But homes, like many others in the Denver area that have T-Lock Shingles. When they were installed, T-lock shingles were considered state-of-the-art for high-wind-prone areas. But shingle technology has changed; T-lock shingles aren’t made anymore, so they can’t be repaired.” “The insurance company,” he said, “was
obligated to replace the roof.”

Ernie’s Gutter  as a Denver roofing contractors  is experienced at helping homeowners with and through the insurance and adjustment process.

Brief history on T-Lock…T-lock shingles have fallen from common use in recent years. They were configured to self-lock into each other using lateral tabs and slots, like a 3-tab with ears that could be inserted behind the tab to either side. T-Locks have been widely believed to be more wind-resistant than seal-down shingles because of the overlap system, but they are frequently assigned the same tested wind-resistance rating as a 3-tab or laminated roofing shingle of the same warranty period.

Three reasons T-lock type shingles are no longer made:

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Not a reliable shingle.
Appearance in the interlock configuration.
Not able to spot repair.

At this time it would be the recommendation by Ernie’s Roofing Siding and Rain Gutter Denver to look at when replacing your roof to use one of many
laminated roofing Shingles Systems.